100 for 100


100 for 100 is a project I created for myself as a way to be disciplined about making work in a consistent format and then offering each work at a reasonable price. For this project, I will make 100 paintings and offer each for sale for $100.


When creating the work, I start with either a 12" x 12" or 13" x 13" piece of canvas with the intention that the final viewable area of the painting will be approximately 12" x 12" (after being framed or trimmed if adhered to a panel).

Making work is what I enjoy. It is how I like to spend my time and it is where I direct most of my energy. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I like making it. It's how I can best share a piece of myself with you.


If you have any questions, or if you are interested in buying anything, please email me.

1 Star Guide (SOLD)
2 Blue Ovals I (SOLD)
3 Blue Ovals II
4 Stacked (SOLD)
5 White Bark Trees (SOLD)
6 Palo Verde Spotlight (SOLD)
7 Orchard (SOLD)
8 S. Dartmouth Landscape (SOLD)
9 That Place (SOLD)
10 Surprise! (SOLD)
11 Within (SOLD)
12 Hold Close (SOLD)
13 Thunderbird (SOLD)
14 Structure of Counting (SOLD)
15 Bongo Bongo
16 The Shave
17 Woodland (SOLD)
18 Pile (of chairs)
19 Catalina Cholla (SOLD)
20 Road to the Pagoda (SOLD)
21 Ode to the '70s
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17 Woodland (SOLD)